Beefmaster is a breed of beef cattle that was developed in the early 1930s by the Lasater Family. The breed is made up of crossing Hereford cows and Shorthorn cows with Brahman bulls. The Redstone Ranch Beefmaster Herd consists of the breeds top genetics and the Pritchett’s are actively involved in Beefmaster Breeders United (

Cattle in the South Texas Brush Country have to be tough, and Beefmasters are bred for toughness. Let’s face it, our bulls pack on pounds in their offspring; which means more money in our customers pockets! Take a Beefmaster Bull and put him on commercial cattle and profitability drives success!

Time after time, small commercial breeders or large volume meat makers are making more money by putting Beefmaster Bulls on their cows!

Beefmaster Bulls

If your looking for Registered Beefmaster Bulls (solid red ones), you just might want to come take a peak at what’s going on in Beefmaster Nation at Redstone Ranch!

Call us for a tour of the ranch, or come pick out your Bull! We like our females too! Private Treaty or in a Beefmaster Registered sale – look for 4P Pritchett Beefmasters – they’re solid red and we won’t sell one unless they will make us proud; and you want to put them in your front pasture!

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